Monday, July 5, 2010

Winterboard and Bosspaper

With a jailbroken device, your ipod or iphone can be customized and really made your own. Two of the core apps of customization that you should download once you get jailbroken are winterboard and bosspaper. Both apps are free apps that can be found by search in cydia. Bosspaper allows you to have any image in your background behind your apps instead of apple’s dull black background. Winterboard allows you to download themes that can change the appearance of your lockscreen, apps, and background. There a Lot of themes available already predownloaded through cydia that you have easy access to now. Other than bosspaper and winterboard other tweaks and changes can be found that will further alter your devices contents. These can be found in cydia’s original downloads and through adding sources for more downloads.

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