Monday, July 5, 2010

Intro to Cydia

So once your device is jailbroken what happens? Well when you first look at it you’ll notice that nothing changed except that you now have a new app. Cydia has now been installed to your iPod. This alternate app store offers tons of packages including tweaks and customization for your device, different games, and all kinds of other cool apps. The best part is that a good 85% of the apps are free. So when you first open cydia, it will ask you if you want the full upgrade or the essential. You can do whichever you choose, the full not containing a whole lot more than the essential but still more than it. Just remember when downloading packages that your iPod capacity will fill up quickly if you don’t look after it and make sure not to download sources that are useless to you or that you don’t need as they will make your cydia take a frustratingly long time to download.

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